My Dances

Some time ago, I published two books of dance compositions, 'The Rotherwood Assembly' and 'The Elmwood Collection'. Since then I have devised several more dances, however rather than produce another book, I have decided to make the later dances available for free download. All I ask is this: if you use a dance, please credit the source. I have tried to make the notation as unambiguous as possible without being too long winded, however if there is anything which is not clear, please
contact me. Woottens' Whirl and Yarm Castle were published in 'The Elmwood Collection', they are included here because I have since modified them. The dance instructions are stored as pdf files, so you will need a pdf reader such as Adobe Acrobat which is free from Left clicking on the dance title will display the instructions (if you have a pdf reader installed). If you want to save the file on your PC, right click the title and choose Save Target As...

Dances in American Style Dances in English Style
All Go 60 Not Out
Another Stroll in the Park 110 Not Out
Autumn Mist Accordance March On
Catherine's Cocktail Music for above
Dave's Triplet #1 Barry's Bash
Dave's Triplet #2 Beacon Hill
Dave's Triplet #3 Box the Compass
Dave's Triplet #4 Compleat Mixer, The
Dave's Triplet #6 Fletcher's Farewell
Dave's Triplet #7 Gemini
Dave's Triplet #8 Golden Celebrations
Dave's Triplet #9 Golden Memories
Double Twirl Gold Ring, The
GCJ Square Hit the Hey
Girl's Behind, The Keswick Hornpipe
Gosforth Square, The King's Howe
Halfway House Mr Pollard's Maggot
Hedgelayer's March Mr. Spence's Other Maggot
Ladies' Promenade Red Way
Little Holmside Sleepless in Calais
Lost and Found Tailgating
Midsummer Reel Three Pounds Ten
Mrs Cave's Farewell Three Spires
New Endeavour, The Two Score and Ten
One I Dreamed Up Woottens' Wassail
Portinscale Jig, The Woottens' Whirl
Room with a View
Slide to a Chain
Southey Street Reel
Starry Gypsy
A Stroll in the Park
Take Two Gents
Twenty Fourth of September, The
West Street Reel
Yarm Castle

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